How to Get That Brighter Smile You Want

    The safest, most conservative, and least expensive way to whiten your teeth is home bleaching.  We take impressions of your teeth, and make flexible, comfortable custom trays to fit your teeth.  After brushing & flossing, you put the special bleaching gel we provide you with in the trays and place the trays on your teeth.  Dr. Levy has his patients "jump start" the bleaching process by using one type of gel in the trays overnight for 2 nights.  Then you switch to a different type of gel to be worn for 30 minutes or an hour/day.  In most cases, you will see excellent results in 2 weeks.  The trays are reusable, and you can buy more gel in touch-up kits to periodically freshen up your whiter smile!

Before & After Whitening / Bleaching:

Before Bleaching: This patient speaks in front of other people, and wanted his teeth to look much whiter.
After Bleaching: A few weeks of home bleaching, supervised by Dr. Levy, gave the patient the result he was looking for.
Before & After Bleaching: This patient didn't want her teeth to look unnaturally white; she just wanted her front teeth to look a little brighter. With Dr. Levy's home bleaching technique, you can control the amount of whitening you can achieve.
Before bleaching
After Bleaching: This patient wanted whiter teeth, and is still planning on bleaching even more to make his teeth even whiter,

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