Veneers are ultra thin sculpted tooth shaped porcelain shells that are custom made by a laboratory and then bonded onto the front of your teeth.  They are wonderful for fixing broken/malformed teeth, closing some spaces between teeth, or changing the size, shape or color of teeth.  Porcelain veneers, unlike caps (crowns), don't require the removal of much of the tooth structure.  Veneers won't stain, and are stronger and last longer than bonding, but the process takes more time, 2 visits.  They are an excellent and popular way of significantly changing the appearance of your teeth.  Dr. Levy has done hundreds of veneers and can help you get that smile you've always wanted!  Come see some more before and after shots of patients who have had this done in our Before & After Photo section of the website.

Before & After Veneers:

Before: This patient did not like the color, shape, uneven sizes, pitting & banding surface deformities, and cloudy white & yellow spots on his front six teeth.
After: Dr. Levy placed six porcelain veneers on those front teeth which corrected all of the cosmetic problems to give the patient a brand new smile!
Before: This patient had worn down her two front teeth, and felt that they were dark, making her look old.
After: Two veneers that Dr. Levy placed for the patient improves her smile & makes her look younger!

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