Dentures are removable "false teeth", made for people who are missing all of their teeth (full dentures), or some of their teeth (partial dentures).  They often restore the shape of someone's face, as well as giving them something to chew their food with.  Making dentures correctly takes several visits (they cannot be made properly the "same day"!), and Dr. Levy does not cut corners in the process.  You can often choose the size and color of the replacement teeth.  Dr. Levy will have you come in for a try-in visit to see how the dentures look and fit, which can be altered before they are sent for final processing.  If you have had the same dentures for many years, your mouth may have changed a great deal in that time.   The denture teeth may have worn down or the dentures themselves may have become loose fitting; you may benefit tremendously from new dentures.  Implants can be used to help hold in dentures that are properly made, but require something additional to give them extra holding power.  If you're a denture wearer, let Dr. Levy evaluate you to see if we can improve your experience.

Before & After Dentures:

Before: This patient had been wearing down her old denture for so long, she wore a hole through it!
Before: The same patient's old denture is so worn down, that her face is not supported correctly (her nose and chin have gotten closer together).
After: A new upper denture restores the support to her face. She chose lighter teeth to whiten her smile. Notice that Dr. Levy is in the process of fixing her lower teeth as well.