Crowns & Bridges at Dr. Harold M Levy, DMD, PA:

Crowns (Caps)

    Crowns, often called 'caps' by the general public, completely cover and encase individual teeth.  Crowns are used to repair root canal treated, severely worn, broken, and fractured teeth, or to protect teeth that have had so many fillings that there just wasn't enough tooth left to fill anymore.  Crowns take 2 appointments to make.  Dr. Levy will match the crown to the color and shape of your other teeth, and he makes you a temporary crown that will cover your tooth until the real crown is ready.  Crowns will last longer than other treatments (eg.: fillings), but you still need to take good care of the tooth!

Before & After Crowns:

Before: This patient had a tooth that had been filled many times, and then developed a fracture. Dr. Levy was worried about the tooth splitting, and recommended a crown.
After: Dr. Levy was able to make a crown that matched the crown she had on her other front tooth. Her front teeth match again!
Before: This patient had a severely worn down, fractured tooth, with an old, broken silver filling (that ended up having a cavity under it!).
After: Dr. Levy removed the old filling and the decay, built the tooth back up with a new filling, and saved the tooth by covering it with a crown.
Before: This patient had a very bad cavity that wrapped around the tooth and went under the gum. The patient also wanted to close the space between this tooth and the one in front of it.
After: Dr. Levy was able to save the tooth by removing the cavity, building the tooth back up with a filling, and then protecting the tooth with a crown that was also used to close the space.
Before: This patient was wearing her lower teeth down to almost nothing by her clenching and grinding habit.
After crowns: This patient had beautiful ceramic crowns made that Dr. Levy bonded onto her teeth for added strength. Then he made her a nightguard to prevent the severe wear from grinding. We'll take care of her upper front teeth another time!


    Bridges are used to replace missing teeth by using teeth on both sides of the space to support the replaced tooth (or teeth).  It is essentially like having crowns on both sides of a space connected to a false tooth (or teeth) that spans the missing tooth site.  A bridge is not removable; it is cemented in place, and looks just like you have all of your teeth in that area.  Dr. Levy will make you a temporary bridge to replace the missing tooth (or teeth) until the real one is ready.  He and his staff will teach you how to clean underneath the bridge to get to areas where you can't floss as usual.

Before & After Bridges:

Before: This patient was missing a front tooth, and had two other front teeth that needed crowns. This shows the shaping of the teeth that Dr. Levy has already done in order to make the patient a bridge.
After: The bridge Dr. Levy made stays in place, and gives the patient back his smile.
Before: This patient did not like the space that showed when she smiled, but did not want the teeth on each side cut down to make a bridge.
After: Dr. Levy made this patient a special bridge that honored the patient's wishes to not cut down the two teeth on each side of the space. This bridge does not last as long as a regular bridge, but the patient understood this when she made her request.
Before: This patient was missing two teeth on the upper left. She was having trouble chewing food, and did not want a removeable denture that hooks onto teeth with metal clasps that show.
After: Dr. Levy made her a bridge that is not removeable and has improved her ability to chew. It replaces the missing teeth, and does not have metal clasps that show when she smiles.

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