Before & After Photos

Before: This patient did not like the space she had between two teeth that showed when she smiled.
After: Dr. Levy closed the space by doing tooth-colored bonding on the tooth behind the space, and placing a porcelain veneer on the tooth in front of the space. The patient was thrilled with her smile!
Before: This patient has an unsightly dark area on his tooth from a large cavity; he is embarrased to smile or even talk to people.
After: Tooth-colored bonding by Dr. Levy makes it look like a brand new tooth again. The patient smiles and speaks in public with confidence now.
Before: This patient broke off almost half of his tooth playing sports.
After: Dr. Levy fixed the tooth in one visit with tooth-colored bonding, and the patient could go back to the playing field (wearing an athletic mouth guard, we hope!).

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